Morning Time ~ Curricula

book photo 5In the past, we have tried using a box curriculum across all subjects.  I thought that would be the easiest way to go… that all I would have to do is order the next “grade level” each summer and ‘voila’ ~ done.  Boy was I wrong!  That just didn’t work for us.  For some homeschoolers, it does work great ~ just keep in mind that each homeschooling family is different… each child is different… and what works for one might not work for anotherThere is not only one correct way to homeschool.  Find what works for you and go with it (despite what your neighbor or the people you follow on Instagram do).  March to the beat of your own home and embrace it.

I have listed below what we are currently using and doing for our own home education journey.  Keep in mind that most of these subjects are rotated ~ we do not do all of these everyday! Things might change in the future (and of course I will update this as we tweak things).  Click on the items or pictures to purchase.  Please don’t hesitate to ask questions ~ I’d love to help in any way I can.

Morning Time Subjects (enjoyed together as a group)


Prayer, Doxology, & Hymn ~ We start each morning with prayer, and then we sing the Doxology and our current hymn of the month.  Free (It doesn’t get any cheaper than that 😉 )   Click here to be taken to the website where we get our hymn of the month.

Devotional ~  (The first book below is our current devotional; the others are ones we have used in the past.)

Other ~ Some mornings we also read about the life of a Saint.


Vocabulary & Grammar

The vocabulary guide below says grade 4, but I use this for all of my children together, ages 11, 9, and 6.  We discuss two words each time we do vocabulary… about twice a week.

The grammar link takes you to Amazon… and the 3rd edition.  I am using the 2nd edition, so I do not know the changes in the updated one yet)  Click here to be taken to Royal Fireworks Press webpage for more info… or to purchase there instead of Amazon.

Music Composer & Artist Study

For music, we are currently reading from the Opal Wheeler books, which are fabulous!  They are great living books to help the family really get to know these composers.  We have read the two below so far, but plan to get the others as well.

For now, we are simply checking out books from the library that feature our chosen artist.  But, I will start getting Artist Portfolios from here.  (More on that once we start using them… and once I get a feel for how we like them.)



We absolutely adore Beautiful Feet Books, and are currently journeying through their Early American History Literature Pack.  These are great living books, with a fantastic teacher guide to accompany it.  Click here to purchase this particular set.  (Affiliate link)

Early American History Primary Pack - Beautiful Feet Books

We also have made these History Pockets (Life in Plymouth Colony) ~ and they really help the history we are learning about come to life.


Another amazing Literature Pack that we are using from Beautiful Feet Books!  More wonderful living books, accompanied by super-large maps and a teacher guide.  Click here to purchase this Geography set.  (Affiliate link)

Geography Through Literature Pack - Beautiful Feet Books

We are also having fun with this book, drawing a few states at a time!

These are fun and colorful ~ my kiddos love to quiz themselves to see which states and their capitals they remember! (My set’s box looks slightly different, but has the same looking cards.)

Science & Nature Study

We use and love, love, love Exploring Nature with Children ~ A complete, year-long curriculum by Lynn Seddon.  Each week contains a different nature topic, information about that topic, a related poem, a related piece of art to admire, nature walk idea, extension activities, and both fiction and non-fiction book ideas to look up at your local library or bookstore.  This curriculum has really gotten us outside in nature and has helped us focus our nature studies.  Click here to purchase. (This is an affiliate link.)

ENWC image

This is a fabulous resource that is referenced in almost every section of Exploring Nature With Children.  You do not need it to use that curriculum, but we use it often, and I highly recommend it!

We have started our phenology wheels this year, as well!  We add our new painted wedges at the end of each month during our Nature Study time (which is during our Morning Time).  Check out Lynn Seddon’s guide to help you get started.  Click here to purchase. (Affiliate link)

Phenology Wheel Guide

During some Nature Study times, we read a chapter or two from here.  We love it ~ The personalities of the bird “characters” match the real temperaments and habits of the bird species in real life.  Brilliantly written by Thornton W. Burgess.

We recently used Apologia’s Flying Creatures book and journals and really enjoyed them!  In fact, when we got to the end of the book, it covered insects ~ and it was cold outside here… so not many to be seen, and we skipped that portion.  We will definitely be returning to this book to dive back into that section soon!


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  1. Annie this is sooo helpful to narrow down what curricula to use by seeing what works and is loved by your family. Thank you!! I’m planning out our own routine and jotting down pricing of each so I can budget accordingly. The affiliate link you’ve posted for the geography curriculum is not working properly…may be user error though!! Thanks again for the reassuring words and helpful resources you’ve provided


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