Our Cherished Reading Time


Our favorite time to read is after lunch.

The children finish up their studies, go outside for a bit while I finish my own lunch, tidy the kitchen, and throw in yet another load of laundry (because, really mommas, is laundry ever finished??).  Then, they gather around while I put the kettle on for tea and pick out a treat (sometimes we have a baked good, such as the lemon bars my oldest daughter made…sometimes a bit healthier like popcorn popped over the stove and apples slices.  This cold weather always has me wanting baked goods, though….)

Then we read together!!!

First, we read either Shakespeare or poetry (we alternate these each day).  For Shakespeare, we began the year studying about his life (which we are still doing) and will then move to his plays – comedies first.  For poetry, we study about poetry for a bit from our curriculum, sometimes write some poetry, and then read from our favorite poetry book (or poetry based on our current unit study).  Most of the time I read the poetry, but I also have my older girls read it aloud in order to practice… the rhythms, how it flows, how it feels to read such beautiful wordsClick here for Poetry and Shakespeare suggestions.

Then we read aloud our current chapter book.  I read for at least a half hour….often much, much longer than that because everyone often BEGS for more.  The main reason we stop is because someone has a extracurricular activity to get to … or because my voice goes hoarse – ha!  Click here for family read-aloud suggestions.

I will share what we read each month ~ I hope y’all enjoy these books as much as we do!


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