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A fresh year… a perfect time for a fresh start and new beginnings.

We all typically go into the year with a surge of energy and confidence that – THIS year will be different!  THIS will be the year I will do what I say I’m going to do!  THIS is the year I’m going to get it ALL done!  (yup, even solve the issues of world peace and global warming while we’re at it…)



Honestly, I’m going into this year a bit tired from the holidays and skeptical that I’ll get all the things done I want to get done in 2018 because, well let’s face it, I didn’t get all the things done I wanted to get done for the holidays.  Here is where I started to panic.  Panic at the realization that this year IS different – I’m skeptical from the get-go (instead of the normal “conquer the world” attitude I normally have before the skepticism enters like half-way to three-fourths of the way through the year).  I’m doomed.

But you know what mommas?  It’s okay.  After I’ve given myself a bit more grace on this issue (and you totally should, too), I’m actually at peace with going into this year a bit reserved.  It means I’m not going to bite off more than I can chew.  I’m being a bit more real about my goals and not pushing myself beyond my limits.  I’m setting myself up for success.  Am I going to push myself?  Yes!  But I’m not going to push myself to a ridiculous level that makes me feel terrible about myself.  I’m starting to learn the difference (hopefully).

I decided to start by defining our family words for the year, and then dividing my personal goals into categories.

Our family words:  Purposeful and Nourishing ~ I want our family to live PURPOSEFULLY, not just in our daily home education, but in our relationships with God, ourselves, and each other – committing to making choices for a reason while praising and honoring God.  I also want us to NOURISH ourselves, both our health and our relationships with God and each other.  Hopefully as we make choices this year we will get in the habit of asking, “What purpose does this serve?  Will it nourish myself and my relationship with God and/or others?”

My categories:  Reading, Health, and Self-growth

  1. Reading ~ Read more classics this year (at least 5), and start an IG bookclub for classics;  Read more self-growth books this year (my goal is 3);  Read more fun books that spark my interest along the way (4 or more).  Trying to average one completed book per month (probably seems low to most of you, but this past year I have pushed reading behind other tasks and 12 for this year will top last year!! Also, I’m a slow reader….little things distract me very easily, so I tend to read much slower – just being real here).  Another on this list is to maintain a library routine with my children (hopefully saying goodbye to late fees and hello to a great ritual and more books read by them as well).
  2. Health ~ Get more active (exercising 3 days per week and hopefully gain muscle and lose weight along the way); Menu Plan (planning mid-week for the following week, thus allowing time to shop and eliminating last minute unhealthy decisions); Better sleep routine (earlier to sleep and earlier to rise…might even make me healthy, wealthy, and wise?? ha!)
  3. Self-growth ~ Learn how to knit (always wanted to learn…and hey, it’s useful); Keep up with my commonplace journal (this could have been with my reading goals, but this journal is so lovely to reflect upon to see which quotes stood out to me in my seasons of life, not to mention how much I’ve grown in my reading quality and quantity); Go through and minimize magazines (they seem to be multiplying around here…definitely accumulating, ahem); and lastly, but most importantly – Focus more on my relationships with God and my family each day (I want to read more from the Bible, and work on my patience while increasing my loving and joyous attituted toward my husband, children, mother, and others.)

Well…. That’s it in a nutshell.  I’m sure I’ll add on and/or tweak things as time goes on, but I feel good about keeping my goals to 3 main categories, being real in each one.  I’ve promised myself that I’ll push myself in each area, but not beat myself up when a goal is not achieved.  Allowing myself grace is also something I have been working on – something that is so, so important, momma.  If nothing else, remember you are such a valuable member to your family and so important to others.  When we beat ourselves up, we are not the best versions of ourselves.  Goals or no goals – finished lists or incomplete ones – give yourself grace.

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